The list of the largest European banks

In this post, we are going to see the list of the biggest European banks by total assets. Let’s see now the ranking of the 30 largest banks in Europe ranked by total assets, which are expressed in billions of USD. In the first place of the largest European banks is BNP Paribas S.A. with USD 2.89 trillion, followed by HSBC Holdings plc with USD 2.84 trillion and Credit Agricole Group with USD 2.39 trillion. Fourth place is occupied by Barclays plc with USD 1.84 trillion, while fifth place is occupied by USD 1.72 trillion in total assets. In the… Continue reading

Largest insurance companies in Europe by total assets

In the last years there have been many important events that have led to changes in the ranking of European insurance companies by total assets. Some of the insurance companies have risen in position, while others have lost positions. Also, many of them have gotten bigger, while others have gotten smaller. In this article we’re going to see which insurance companies have become the largest and most important and which have become the smallest and less important. The ranking of the biggest European insurance companies is built according to insurance companies’ total assets, which are the assets owned by the… Continue reading