Countries with the largest gold reserves in the world

Gold plays an important part in central banks’ reserves management, and they are significant holders of gold. This gold reserve data tracks central banks’ reported purchases and sales along with gold as a percentage of their international reserves. After this brief introduction, let’s see now the ranking of the countries in the world by gold reserves. At the top of the ranking of the countries that have the most gold in the world are the USA with 8134 tons of gold, followed by Germany with 3362 tons and Italy with 2452 tons. In fourth place is France with 2436 tons,… Continue reading

Top 50 countries with largest gold reserves

Gold reserves are the amount of bullion that is held by the central bank or the treasury of the country. It contributes to the nation’s creditworthiness in the issuance of currency and bonds. Gold reserves that are held by the government should be distinguished from gold held by individuals or private institutions. According to the World Gold Council, the official gold reserves in the whole world amount to almost 35,000 tons, or 13 percent of total official reserves (as of Q1 2020). The concept of holding gold reserves started more than a century ago. Countries then strictly adhered to a… Continue reading