The list of the largest US banks

In this post, we are going to see the list of the biggest banks in the US by total assets. Let’s see now the ranking of the 30 largest banks in the US ranked by total assets, which are expressed in billions of USD.

In the first place of the ranking is JPMorgan Chase with USD 3.84 trillion, followed by Bank of America Corp with USD 3.11 trillion and Citigroup Inc with USD 2.38 trillion. Fourth place is occupied by Wells Fargo & Co with USD 1.88 trillion, while fifth is occupied by Goldman Sachs with USD 1.6 trillion in total assets. In the last three places there are Barclays US LLC, Santander Holdings USA and RBC US Group Holdings.

1JPMorgan Chase3841,3
2Bank of America Corp3111,6
3Citigroup Inc2380,9
4Wells Fargo & Co1881,1
5Goldman Sachs1601,2
6Morgan Stanley1173,8
7Charles Schwab637,6
8U.S. Bancorp591,4
9Truist Financial Corporation545,1
10PNC Financial Services541,0
11TD Group US Holding516,5
12Bank of New York Mellon452,6
13Capital One Financial Corp440,3
14State Street Corporation300,2
15HSBC North America227,4
16Citizens Financial Group227,2
17SVB Financial Group214,4
18UBS Americas Holding212,6
19Fifth Third Bancorp206,8
20United Services Automobile Assoc205,4
21American Express Company205,3
22M&T Bank Corp204,0
23First Republic Bank197,9
24BMO Financial Corp192,1
26Ally Financial185,7
27Huntington Bancshares178,8
28Barclays US LLC174,3
29Santander Holdings USA165,3
30RBC US Group Holdings162,9

The data for the total assets have been collected on the main financial sites and are from 30/06/2022.

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